Factory workshop

10,000 square meter workshop, with more than 80% of the R&D staff and management personnel having bachelor's degrees or above. To meet growing needs and requests for solar tracker dampers, we are building a new line which is specially designed and dedicated to manufacturing dampers for solar trackers and is built following international management standards. The new line is planned with independent and well-coordinated function zones and equipped with special tools and jigs which can greatly improve process efficiency and precision.


We provide OEM, and ODM to global customers and clients, and always ready to listen to your ideas and cooperate through sharing and supporting.


Quality Value - Quality control is supreme valued in our production and operation.

Quality Standard - Our quality control, from production line construction,  and process control to final delivery is based on ISO9001 quality system and strictly follows ISO9001 standard.

Ways & Methods - We use tools and methods of ISO9001 to collect data, analyze roots and correct or improve process control. Make complete inspections for raw materials, processes, and final products to make sure customers' requirements are confirmed. We also have strict management of equipment and tools that keep the production running efficiently and precisely.

Training - To reduce artificial error and deviation, our workers are all trained and qualified for their positions. 

Customer Oriented - Directed by customer's requirements, our final goal is to reach customers' satisfaction with product quality.

Factory Photos

Henan Zhongmu  Xinxiang Changyuan Shanxi Pinglu

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