XSD Fully Restored to Work

From January 2019, the virus COVID-19 epidemic bursted and brought Chinese long days quarantined at home. Thanks to medical heroes, the labor of whole nation and support from other countries, the spread was controlled without rise and cases decrease very quickly.  From  February, the country starts to recover its economic activies gradually.  XSD was restored to full operation from the mid of Feb, fortunately received little impacts. We wish the epidemic can be ended soon in global regions. 

Here some advices to protect from infection:
* Keep a good ventilation in room.
* Wear a mask when go out to public sites and do not take it down casually.
* Try not to touch things by bare hands in public. 
* Avoid or reduce gatherings for food, entertainment or work. 
* Try not to touch your eyes, month and face before get hands cleaned.
* Clean hand timely with anti-infection tissue, rubbing alcohol etc, and wash hands thoroughly with soap after back home.
* Clean and disinfect outfit (coat, hat, shoes) properly with rubbing alcohol or 84 solution, or place them at site with good wind flow
* Keep a well balanced diet, take gym properly and good rest for a good immune system.


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