IRENA: 98 GW Added in Solar Generating Capacity Globally in 2019

According to International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) newly released data, 98 GW of solar generating capacity was added globally in 2019, 60 percent of which was in Asia. China dominated the generating capacity growth in Asia and even in the world with 30 GW added. Other major increases were in the United States, Australia, Spain, Ukraine and Germany.

19 GW and 11.2 GW of generating capacity were added in Europe and North America respectively, and 1.2GW and 2 GW were added respectively in Africa and Middle East. Middle America and South America also saw an increase of 421 MW and 1.2 GW respectively. Oceania and Eurasia grew by 4.7 GW and 5GW respectively.

According to IRENA, total off-grid capacity reached 3.43 GW globally by the end of 2019. India was the biggest off-grid solar generating market in Asia, with a capacity of 1.1 GW. The second was China, with a capacity of 394 MW.

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