As we know, solar tracker application can boost production capacity. However, tracking systems are prone to become unstable already at relatively modest wind speeds (galloping), and risk to be striken by wind and harsh weather conditions. Anti-galloping measures such as external dampers must be implemented. It have been a trend to use dampers usually filled with hydraulic oil to stabilize solar tracking systems.

Dampers provide increased reliability to solar trackers and thus more and more welcomed by tracker suppliers and clients as well as it's easy installation and free from maintenance. XSD dampers are designed symmetrical in dual damping force (single direction damping optional ) that ensures smooth operation of trackers, and effectively reduce wind vibration by providing fast and multipled damping force and small damping force at mild wind with little burden on slewing drive. XSD dampers are tested and proven to resist harsh weather. We can customized design according to project engineering requirement and provide samples to install on trackers for test before mass production. 

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